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The traditional games that already existed have their own uniqueness and value of its own. These values are very important as it can distinguish between Malay traditional games from the traditional games of other cultures.

  1. The values of preserving culture.
  • Congkak, Wau, Batu Seremban @ Batu Serembat, Sepak Takraw and Gasing are the traditional games that are widely known in Malay culture. Those who play the games or making effort to create the competition of those games actually had preserving the rich Malay culture. Some of the games not only emphasis on the games arranging, but they also take consideration on the traditional costume in order to preserve the culture so that it would not fade by the times. Some rules in certain games have already set the rules that the player need to wear the traditional costume. By setting up the rules, they are not only preserving the games but at the same time they also preserving the culture.  

Sources: Inkubator Kraf Temerloh
  1. The value of art.
  • The term value of art can be referring to the process in making these games. Some games require professional skill to make it like gasing. Gasing require such an extremely smooth shaving so that it can becomes a collectible art object that was made from those who already have experienced in making this gasing. Small upper and large base of the gasing actually look like a teapot that will remind of the god luck of Chinese belief.

  1. The value of sportivity
  • Every single game had already practised the value of sportivity. Honesty, fair and equitable is among of the values that applied to the players in particular and people itself for the general. For some games, a player may cheat in the competition, by hitting opponent’s gasing too closer or allying with juries to win, players can also psycho other players to fly their kite closer in order to scared them and more. 
    Sources: Citizen Journalist Malaysia
  1. The value of maintaining solidarity.
  • In certain occasion, games like sepak takraw, and gasing are arranged into group or team competition. Thus, each member of team must maintain their good team spirit and teamwork. In order to win, the coach and players need to plan for the strategy, especially in selecting the opponent. Failure will happen once you wrongly select the opponent. 

  1. The value of appreciating.
  • The existence of these traditional games will eventually portray the value of appreciating where generation these days still can appreciate the rich Malay culture. They will learn on how to appreciate the culture that was continuously being preserved from generation to the next generation as they can get the opportunity to learn and appreciate it by themselves.

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