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As we all know, Malaysia is a very famous country with a combination of other culture interventions such as Malay, Indians, and Chinese that makes Malaysia itself is a very unique country. For you information, Malay is the largest ethnics group that makes up more than 50% of the population. Today, many of these Malaysian who is in the Malay culture still practiced their culture to ensure that it does not fade and can be carried on to the next generations. One of the cultures that are still retained until now is  the diversity of their traditional games that existed.

Source: Culture Malaysiana
Malaysia is very rich with the different kinds of traditional games that was played until now and suits to all generations. Among all the types of traditional games, there are five types of games that are still popular to this day; wau, congkak, batu seremban or batu serembat, sepak takraw, gasing or sepak raga. These five types of traditional games have their own uniqueness in terms of their history, reasons or objectives we play the games, their characteristics, why we need to preserve and more. These aspects that make the games are different from other culture. In the next entry, I will tell the readers regarding the story of different types of traditional games.

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