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   In my previous entry, I've already mentioned to all on different types of traditional games that are popular to all ages in Malay culture and also some of the values that were applied behind the real picture of the games.

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   So, in this entry I will talk on the new topic which is the types of games that are already growing up to the international level such as sepak takraw and wau. As I've mentioned before this, sepak takraw was originally came from Thailand, Bangkok. The originally sepak takraw is not for the competition. It was design firstly for the purpose of exercising body, omproving the dexterity, and loosens up some limbs after sitting, standing and working for such a long time. Today, the modern version of sepak takraw is known as fiercely competitive among everyone who knew about it. It also was played on modified badminton doubles court, with the net standing five feet above the ground and consists of 3 players.

   Different country knew about sepak takraw and called it with different name as well. Additionally, as the game started to be known by other countries, the rules also become inconsistencies in term of how it should be played and how to judge it. The sport officially called as Sepak Takraw when the representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Lao and Thailand having a meeting in Kuala Lumpur to discuss regarding this matter that happened around 1960.

  The first international game was held in Malaysia (1965), at the Southeast Asian Peninsular Games (SEAP Games) and later, it was changed to Southeast Asian Games that we called it today as SEA Games. This game symbolize the advancing step in the history of the sepak takraw development as in 1990, it was included in Asian Games that held in Beijing. In fact, the game started to expand internationally where the game also was opened for  women to involved in the first women's championship where Thailand hosting the game in 1997. With this new step in sepak takraw revolution, more than 20 countries already have national sepak takraw associations with representatives on the board of global governing body (International Sepak Takraw Federation ISTAF)

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 Today, this game  already on its way to the Olympic status. It shows that how sepak takraw is one of the fastest growing sports in Asia, and also other part of the world. The exciting of gravity-defying kicks, contorted aerial twists, turns of the body and blinding the speed of play become the eye catcher of the worldwide viewers. Asian nations starting to give the game Olympic games as well as trying to attract more audiences especially on the overseas and giving the Asia chances to feel the incitement for the medals. But, it is only the matter of time before this sports actually takes the rightful place among other sports that are equivalent at the Olympic Games. To know more about the international history of sepak takraw, you can go to Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan.

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   'The Kites Festival That Flies High' shows how it last for more than 17 years. It shows that this game is different and unique compared to others as the visitors and participants keep coming back to search for it. We can see that kite is extremely popular to everyone and it's no longer  to be played traditionally but also it has expands to international level.

   The Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival that was held during the month of February in this year has become the focal point for everyone especially to the kite enthusiasts all over the world. During this festival, the various shapes, designs and colours of of the kite in truth reflect the various culture have existed. Malaysia's exclusive kite had already focused and reflects obviously during the festivals.

   The first competition had been held since 1995 that named based on the venue 'Bukit Layang-Layang'. The 2012's festival that was held emphasis on the theme of 1Langit, 1Budaya (1Sky, 1Culture). This year, Pasir Gudang Kite Festival will showcase the kites that came from the Weifang, Shanding and also featuring China as the main international participants for more than 35 countries as it was the part of the 'Twin Kite City' program with the Weifang International Kite Festival.

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   During this event, interesting event likes extraordinary event line-up with a kite flying competition, kite performances and kite-making workshops become highlights of the visitors. Those who came will get the goodies that you may not be able to find it at another place. Besides from the Pasir Gudang Kite Festival, there are many events that was conducted such as Dieppe Kite Festival Canada that was held on every 2 years, India Kite Festival, Weifang Kite Festival and Niagara Kite Festival USA. If you wanted to know more about these kite festival from different country, you can view Kite Festivals Around the World

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   The advance step from traditional to international level shows that Malaysia game is widely known by people all over the world. Besides, it also portray that the traditional games of Malay culture be able to compete with other traditional games that has the same quality with the existing ones.  

   To know more about Pasir Gudang Kite Festival, pleas click on Pasir Gudang Kite Festival

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