Why Need to Preserved

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As we all know, these types of traditional games that I've already mentioned in this entry (Types of Games) had existed for ages but today, we can see that the existence of it starting to fade away. People tend to less care on something which is more far important. As for that, there are more than words to describe why we need to preserve these traditional games.

Many folklore stories behind the games.
First of all, the traditional games was believe exist due to many folklore from those past days. The variety of folklore had make it more interesting and making people back days to believe the true story behind it while at the same time they try to capture the attention of the people so that they wanted to play the games. So, because of this unique way of getting people to know about the traditional games, we as the new generation of these days need to preserved the traditional games that have been around for such a long time. We need to keep and preserved the originality value of the accompanying stories and folklore behind it as Malay culture is very famous with many kind of stories and folklore to make the existence of the very unique traditional games. 

Source: Azliyusof Fotopages
Children could have the opportunity to play and learn it.

Besides, the name of traditional games also belong to the 'culture' as well. When we talked about culture, it is something that we need to preserved in order to maintain the harmonize between people. Same goes to the traditional games. We need to preserved it so that we could continue the tradition of these traditional games for the next hereditary. It is a need for them to learn to know about the traditional games so that they could learn the history and at the same time learn to appreciate culture and arts of the traditional games. Other than that, we also could ensure that the upcoming generation will have the chance to recognize, know and play it so that they also could be the part of the history and the culture of traditional games itself.

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They could learn to appreciate arts.


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